That looked like a blast. Man, I miss California. I like that you compare the 4C to the Elise and Exige, but better, as this is the first car that's really gotten my interest as much as those two have. Not that I can afford any of the three right now, but it's always good to have options. » 9/30/14 4:41pm Yesterday 4:41pm

I'd just get another pair of Pilotis. I've had my Avus for a few years now and I love the way they feel. Very thin sole but still comfortable and the easiest heel to roll on. It's a little sad that they're wearing out. I'd buy them again if they were still available. But I know they have the nice black Prototipo… » 9/30/14 3:12pm Yesterday 3:12pm

Buy toward the end of the body-style's (or model year's) life cycle. We got an '07 VW Rabbit at the beginning of '08, loaded with seat heaters and the better stereo, included for free, because they wanted the car off the lot to make way for the '08 models. » 9/30/14 12:23pm Yesterday 12:23pm

Maybe I'm just a Lambo fan boy, but I like it. Everyone is doing their typical best at drawing parallels to other cars currently in producton, but none of the comparisons seem bad to me. Also, if a hybrid enables Lamborghini to continue making V12 and V10 engine supercars, I'm in favor of it, be it through combining… » 9/26/14 10:41am Friday 10:41am

This was what I was thinking as well. I remember back in the mid-'90s, when all of the car magazines were making a huge deal out of a 300hp Mustang Cobra. Having just discovered car magazines and cars like the under-rated original 1969 Corvette ZL-1 a few years earlier, I wasn't really impressed with 300hp. 707hp...… » 9/24/14 12:21pm 9/24/14 12:21pm

I think I'd rather cram the fam into a 4 door GTI or GTD, but that's just my opinion. It never snows here, so the increased ground clearance and AWD are kind of pointless. For Europe or northern USA, I could see it making sense though. » 9/24/14 10:22am 9/24/14 10:22am

This has been a challenge for me until fairly recently. I still have my bad mornings occasionally, but I'm much better behaved behind the wheel than I used to be. I've also had to accept that I don't always have to be the fastest car on the road. Stick within 10 of the limit and if someone wants to go faster than… » 9/17/14 11:49am 9/17/14 11:49am